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After the reign of the state and the market, the 21st century can be the century of ordinary citizens. We believe that we live in a time of transition and Qi Research wants to unlock more of society’s potential.


Circle of cross-disciplinary thinkers

We are organized as a circle of cross-disciplinary thinkers with backgrounds in innovation studies, philosophy, economics and political science. We are positioned uniquely between the fields of science, business and media. Our thinkers work closely with academic institutions for fundamental research, are embedded in the corporate sector and reach out to the public by publishing in newspapers and magazines.


Future-oriented research

Our focus is the shifting world order at the nexus of innovation and hegemonic shift. This means we study innovation and the way societies embed new technologies. The continuous penetration, scale and economic impact of new technologies in our daily lives disrupt all aspects of society. We combine this with the study of changing hegemonic relations. International politics has entered a period of uncertainty and flux that accommodates a shifting role for leaders, countries and economic systems.

Our name

Actionable insight

The Chinese concept Qi stands for air, energy, life. It is a complex philosophical concept that at the same time is highly practical and stands at the basis of action. Qi Research seeks to animate and energize good ideas by translating them into practices.


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